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5 Vintage Dress Styles for Women’s

Is fashion an eternal reboot as some say? Who knows! One thing is for sure, the distinctive styles of vintage clothing continue to arouse curiosity. Sometimes revised to be up-to-date, sometimes reborn for evening, these retro fashion styles come and go and never disappear! Which Vintage Fashion Trends Can’t Be Ignored in 2022? We round up 5 vintage clothing styles that you absolutely need to know this year.

Steampunk Fashion Leather Jacket

Steampunk Leather jacket

Although it’s rare to see steampunk leather jacket mens clothing on the street, it’s a fashion that’s been around for years. Also, many people know what steampunk fashion is without knowing the name. What exactly is it? Steampunk is an art of living more than just a style of clothing. Remember cinematographic fiction and literary works inspired by fantasy stories during the 19th century. It ushered in an existence where the world lives on the rhythm of steam, not electricity.

All steampunk fashion is vintage, but decidedly futuristic; the steampunk style also has its own associated dress codes. In this fashion, we wear clothes from the Victorian era with leather accessories and chunky leather boots. Pin-up dress and cape coat for the ladies, top hat and tail coat for the gentlemen, it’s a clever mix of baroque and modernity.

Even today, there are many followers of steampunk fashion and the basics of our wardrobe make it possible to compose some must-haves of this vintage trend.

Vintage Leather Jacket

Vintage Leather Jacket

Vintage leather jackets were originally designed for World War II pilots. These were thick coats made from soft and durable goatskin. They were lined with silk to keep the wearer warm and protected. Additionally, the arms of the jacket were adjustable, which allowed the wearer to customize the sleeve length as needed. Some of these jackets also had a hood for when it was cold or rainy. Though these jackets are primarily associated with World War II, some people still wear them for military dress-ups.

The bomber jacket has become an iconic choice for men and women alike. Many people wear vintage leather jackets to express their rebellious spirit. They choose this style over other options because they want to stand out from other people. Men tend to wear motorcycle leather jackets as part of their wardrobe for school/work situations.

The y2k Trend

The Y2K Trend

The one called Y2K is a fashion taken from the 2000s . Back this year, it made the glory days of the beginning of the 21st century only a few decades ago.

If we tell you Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, the Spice Girls , does that speak to you? Inspired by the pop culture of the 2000s, the Y2K clothing style revives the iconic pieces of the era. We start with the low waist pants . She is the standard of this vintage fashion style! At his side, the high bustiers that reveal the navel, the flare cut velvet joggings, the mini skirts, the tight dresses and the platform sandals . To follow this fashion trend, it is better to be daring and like colorful and flashy looks, we grant you!

The preppy fashion style

The preppy fashion style

Halfway between the vintage look and the BCBG style, the preppy has its own codes and its own style. We are particularly fond of him in recent years because he is the representation of the beautiful golden youth . It is also featured in many successful series, such as Gossip Girl for example.

Inspired by the 60s , the preppy style is a very elegant dress style. It depicts seemingly “wise” school outfits, but it can also be diverted in a spirit that is a little less solemn and austere. In 2022, we’re appropriating preppy girl fashion with plaid skirts, Peter Pan collar blouses, pleated midi skirts, women’s ties , moccasin socks, patch blazers and refined accessories such as the headband by example.

Rockabilly and pin’up trend

Rockabilly and pin’up trend

Among the fashion styles of yesteryear that never cease to please and intrigue, the rockabilly style is still and always a world apart that fascinates part of society. So certainly, the total pin’up look is not always possible in our society, but the key cuts of the rockabilly years are still strongly impregnated in current fashion. There are still many guinguette-themed parties that include beautiful modernized or vintage pin’up dresses. Not to mention the polka dot print and the gingham, two emblems of rockabilly, which dot our contemporary outfits in winter as in summer.

Some basics in our wardrobe are the very essence of rockabilly. We think in particular of the sheath dress, the tight dress or the skater dress. Mary Jane shoes , also very fashionable in recent seasons, are standard accessories for the modern-day pin-up. As for the perfecto, where do you think it comes from? It was the essential piece of rockabilly looks at the time!

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