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How to stretch a leather jacket? Simple 5 Steps.

A classic leather jacket exudes masculine style, but an old or stiff jacket is less comfortable to wear. A fashion jacket (street & steel leather jacket) should be stretched until it complements your body, but not hang down like a shapeless coat. Improve an old favorite by using a softening technique that will allow you […]


The Mr-Styles brand, Essential for Leather Pieces

It is the reference in leather ready-to-wear, we see its success growing, and it is of course the Mr-Styles brand. If you don’t know her yet or do not enough, here is her little story and the products she offers. We are selling replica leather jackets of these brands including street & steel, Harley Davidson, […]


How to recognize the different names of a jacket?

After reading this guide, you’ll never look at jackets the same again; you’ll be all about a teddy, trench coat, parka, or even a down jacket. Every year, when the temperature drops, wearing a leather jacket, jacket or coat is recommended, even necessary. Of all the names we know, we see the same cut and […]


The perfecto jacket: key piece of the male wardrobe

A must-have in the family of leather jackets: the leather Perfecto is on the same level as its cousin the denim jacket. A must-have for any respectable dressing room, the Men’s Perfecto is still one of the staple pieces in a man’s wardrobe today. Synonymous with rebellion and freedom, the leather fashion jacket transcends the […]


Men’s Coats and Down Jackets: Winter 2022 Trends

This season, men’s fashion is turning to rustic, rural inspiration for inspiration. but also to winter sports organizations and American universities. The styling continues with superimposition. This winter 2022-2023, there is a “battle” between six major fashion trends on the shelves of men’s winter jackets, parkas, and down jackets: The main items that are not […]


How to wear a down jacket 6 looks analyzed

It’s true: we haven’t always spoken well of down jackets at Mr-Styles. Shiny, with its seems that make it look like a Michelin man, it’s not a garment that has always had a great popularity rating. Along with the Hawaiian shirt, the cropped trousers or the Birkenstock, it is part of this family of clothes […]


How to Dress When you are invited to a Wedding?

You’ve been invited to a wedding but you’re neither the witness nor the lucky one. Without shadowing the bride and groom, it’s not easy to find a dress that makes you stand out! Whether it’s for a romantic wedding in the spring, summer, or snow, here’s how to dress when you’re invited to a wedding! […]


3 Cool Winter Style Ideas for Men in USA

For many of us, “irresponsible” shopping is over. Yes, we still love fast fashion pieces, like the occasional “Greek fries” we eat. But that doesn’t stop us from wanting to pay more attention to labels and learn more about the origin and conditions of our purchases. Mr-Styles understand this very well. Launched in 2018, this […]

The Fashion for Heated Jackets in 2022

This winter is going to be cold, so you will need to take a warm jacket to avoid getting sick. And not just any jacket, but a heated jacket that can electrically warm you up. This way, you won’t freeze when you go outside at -5 degrees. These are the latest fashion and style trends, […]


Which Leather Jacket to Buy 2022

Leather jacket, impossible to miss! Every season, she is there, watching us out of the corner of her eye, beckoning us and we… we love her! But how do we wear it? Do we choose a long leather jacket? Short? And what do we put down? A dress? A basic t-shirt and skinny jeans? Sometimes […]

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