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Aviator or biker, leather jacket is an everlasting base of men’s wardrobe! Black or brown in color, it is soft and versatile. Available in suede or lambskin, this perfect jacket can be worn on weekends with jeans or during the week with dress pants. Your goal is to choose the top product for your wardrobe? Do you love fashion and regularly mess around in your closet? Mr-Styles is reviewing your outfit for your greatest pleasure.

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A sign piece of men’s wardrobe, men’s leather jacket reigns the most and it has not aged a bit.

Cinema later made it democratic. Many actors have worn it. We can cite James Dean and the legendary in The Fury of Living, John Travolta in Grace, but Brad Pitt in the top gun with the essential bomber, and Daniel Craig most recently at Casino Royale. Mr-Style clothing has gone through ages and has gradually become a piece of fashion with the character freeing themselves from their “rebellious” image!

Today, on the men’s side, the cuts of the barnstormer jacket are multiplying, leaving the choice of the dress style that we associate with it: casual, chic, biker, sporty, rock… The details play a large part in making each model stand out. In short, there’s something for everyone.