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Dress in winter 2022

How to Dress in winter 2022 without being too hot or too cold?

How to dress in winter 2022 when the temperature drops? We need clothes that are neither too hot nor too cold. Because if it’s freezing outside, in the office and on public transport, it’s a heatwave. How to dress in winter without being too hot or too cold? Here is the answer.

Summary of Content

  • Dressing in winter means multiplying the layers
  • Choosing the right fashion piece to dress in winter
  • The right combinations for dressing in winter

Outside, we tremble, but in offices and on public transport, the heaters work perfectly. And between us, unless we work outdoors, we spend more time in the open than in the cold.

When you want to prepare for winter, the basic idea is to choose the right pieces of fashion and create the right combination. So how do you find the perfect outfit for both fall and winter? What should you choose without making the autumn and winter fashion trends hot or cold?

Dressing in winter means multiplying the layers!

The real fashion trick when temperatures drop is to master the art of clothing layering. In short: superimpose the layers while remaining trendy and chic.

  • The advantage

To be able to pluck all day without ending up in panties.

  • How do we do?

We love the vest that becomes our privileged companion all winter long. It warms up our little winter outfits and can be paired with shirts and blouses without the need for your look.

Second track: always wear a shirt under a leather jacket. Denim shirt or plaid shirt, the association always works.

Third option: however less obvious: Pair a V-neck sweater with a long sleeved T-shirt. Dangerous but worth a try!

Choosing the right fashion piece to dress in winter

In winter, sometimes it is enough to choose the right piece. That will keep us at the right temperature.

The lightweight down jacket

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Under a light coat in autumn, under a warm coat in winter, the light down jacket is thin enough to become embedded without imposing itself.

Thick Tights

With a short skirt or winter dress, woolen tights can save lives. The same is true of mesh leggings.

Removable faux fur collar

This very practical fashion accessory is not used enough. Combined with a sweater or round neck coat, the detachable fox fur collar can provide warmth only when and where it is needed.

The thermoregulatory bodysuit

We too often forget the power of the body. A body suit worn under a modern blouse or shirt keeps the body at the right temperature.

It is enough to keep you warm and we love the combination of a chunky knit sweater and a lace bodysuit.

Sleeveless faux fur

Like a sleeveless down jacket, sleeveless faux fur doesn’t always fit, it can still be a nice comfort in the winter.

Worn over a black leather jacket, over a chunky sweater or over a thin coat, it has a small effect.

The right combinations for dressing in winter

And then, being neither too hot nor too cold in winter also means making the right associations. You have to find the right balance without making any fashion faux pas.

For example, if you decide to wear a big sweater without a coat, you must associate it with an XXL scarf.

For short dresses without tights, we balance with large parka and weeders. With midi skirts, we choose tights, big socks or stuffed shoes for shoes. On the sweater side, we choose the turtleneck model or the big cardigan.

Overall, it’s the same. We wear it, but we slip under a warm body suit or a slim sweater and we put on a leather jacket and a big scarf. To avoid overdoing it, wear tights and a nice blazer to your winter outfit. And finally, with the turtleneck, we soften it and we just add a little thin coat.

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Dress in winter 2022
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