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How to Dress When you are invited to a Wedding?

You’ve been invited to a wedding but you’re neither the witness nor the lucky one. Without shadowing the bride and groom, it’s not easy to find a dress that makes you stand out! Whether it’s for a romantic wedding in the spring, summer, or snow, here’s how to dress when you’re invited to a wedding!

Respect the theme when you are invited to a wedding

The first thing to respect to make a good impression is the day’s theme! There isn’t always one, but when the bride and groom have taken care to impose a piece, it’s because it’s close to their hearts. So, try to be in the theme and they will already be delighted!

Dressing on a theme is not always easy in the USA; however, accessorizing the outfit is sometimes enough. For example, for a country wedding, bet on suitable colors such as beige and green, and choose a buttonhole with flowers and a wooden bow tie!

How to dress well for a winter wedding?

The outfit will not be the same depending on the period in which the wedding takes place! For a wedding that takes place in autumn or winter, favor dark tones. Generally, it is better to bet on sober and trendy colors. However, marriage is a happy event, so do not hesitate to take out your best costume to impress the audience!

The ideal colors for a winter wedding are:

  • The black, a great classic that can quickly cause a funeral! Avoid the total black look and think about bringing color with your accessories. For example, a black blazer jacket, associated with a white shirt, a colored silk handkerchief to stand out and bring cheerfulness.
  • The navy blue, It is a color very appreciated by the guests but also by the future husband! So, make sure that his wedding suit and your guest outfit are not identical, at the risk of breaking the atmosphere!
  • Burgundy red. A very dressy accent that brings a lot of elegance to its wearer. Burgundy is a bit original, so surely you’ll be the only one to wear it proudly! In fact, at weddings, male guests are often dressed alike. Your burgundy red suit will allow you to distinguish yourself with elegance.

The fantastic subjects for wedding:

  • The casual look, for men, a black leather jacket can be worn with a button-up shirt and a tie. If the wedding is casual, wear a sleek pair of shoes. For more tips on wearing a winter leather jacket, check out these tips from Jonval Leather & Furs on how to wear your leather jacket in style.

  • The tweed, Very elegant, the tweed is thick and is recognizable by its raw appearance. It is an authentic material that keeps you warm.

  • The velvet, is the chic material par excellence! the one worn by all gentlemen. No matter what color you choose, velvet is super classy and it remains a safe bet to be well-dressed at a wedding.

How to dress well for a summer wedding?

In summer or spring, no more black and dark colors, we opt for pep and freshness! Pastel colors are very trendy and stand out particularly well during a bucolic wedding.

The ideal colors for a summer wedding are:

  • Mint green, Hyper trendy, is a fresh color to make you stylish as a wedding guest.
  • Lavender, Lavender purple is a bit more daring because it’s a bit feminine. However, if you have the audacity to wear it, you will be the most refined man!
  • My favorite Pastel blue, Rather than wearing navy blue, opt for a shade that fits more with the season: pastel blue.

The fantastic subjects for a summer wedding:

  • Linen, Ideal for a bohemian chic wedding, with your feet in the water, linen is a super breathable material that limits perspiration. Be careful though because linen is a relaxed material! To not have the look of the guy who goes to the beach, associate it with more dressy accessories.
  • The sateen, Fluid, and light, satin is the chic material for your summer! Too often associated with women’s wardrobes, satin also sublimates men who dare to wear it.
  • Cotton is probably the most common material of the 3! Cotton is widely used in the making of many items, including costumes! Ideal to wear from spring to autumn, cotton has the advantage of circulating the air well and therefore limiting perspiration. Cotton is simple, versatile, and ideal if you get hot quickly!
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