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maintain a Harley Davidson Leather Apparel

How to maintain a Harley Davidson Leather Apparel?

Harley Davidson leather apparel is a real must-have in a wardrobe, for both men and women. For men, it is ideal for creating a rock look, a bit rebellious but still very trendy. If it can create a similar feminine effect, it is also perfect for creating a very glamorous and terribly baby doll look, if you wear your perfecto with a ruffled skirt, fine tights, and pretty ballet flats.

Yes, but here it is, how to ensure that your magnificent clothing, which you have often paid quite a lot, keeps all its shine, even if you like to put it on every day? How to maintain a leather jacket? Here are all our tips for being able to wear your leather jacket for years.

How to Clean a Your Leather Jacket!

Of course, leather cannot be washed like a textile. Putting a mens leather fashion wears in the washing machine or trying to wash it by hand is, plain and simple, throwing it in the trash. It is therefore not with water that you should wash your jacket but with a specialized stain remover or with other products that you often already have at home. Indeed, one of the most effective liquids is none other than cleansing milk or moisturizing baby milk.

To do this, put the product on a cotton ball and then gently apply it to the jacket, using regular circular movements. Of course, before cleaning the entire jacket, care must be taken to test the product on an invisible part of the garment, such as the inside of a pocket or sleeve. After making the first application, take the time to examine the jacket well and ensure that its color remains intact.

It is also necessary to look at the cotton: if the leather has rubbed off, it is a bad sign, it is better to entrust your jacket to a professional, otherwise, it will be damaged permanently. Finally, in order to preserve the shape of a leather jacket, it is essential that it is always put on a hanger. Leaving it in a ball in a drawer risks damaging it permanently.

Use the Right Products to Maintain your Leather Apparel!

The first step when buying a leather jacket is to waterproof it, just like new shoes. Indeed, the leather is naturally waterproof but wearing it during a heavy downpour risks staining it permanently. If you are wearing your perfecto and it starts to rain, it is very important, once you get home, to lay it flat and gently wipe the areas that have remained damp with a cloth.

When the leather is very old or a little fragile, it is better to leave aside the cleansing milk and clean your jacket with a cotton ball soaked in glycerine, a substance found in pharmacies. Another scenario is that it is often difficult to wash leather that has become very dirty, worn excessively, and which begins to smell of perspiration. To overcome this problem, add a few drops of white vinegar to the cleansing milk, which is very practical for countering bad odors.

You can also use a cloth on which you have placed a little claystone. Another problem that can arise is the presence of dye stains, for example, if a backpack has rubbed off on the leather jacket. To try to get rid of it, it is then necessary to apply it on a cotton ball cleansing milk, claystone, and a drop – no more! –

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