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How to wear the Mens leather jacket

How to wear the Mens leather jacket?

A great classic, the men’s leather jacket can be worn both in good weather and in very cold weather. It will quickly become a centerpiece of your wardrobe. Mr-Styles have great collection stylish mens leather jacket like blue, black, and much more color.

How to choose?

Because the leather jacket is a sure investment, it is important not to make mistakes when choosing the latter.

Here are some things to keep in mind when buying a leather jacket:

  1. Don’t hesitate to pay the price
  2. Choose your cut / material
  3. Choose a style of jacket that suits you
  4. Walk in love

Under what circumstances to wear it?

You casual style with a dandy chic look, the leather jacket adapts to multiple situations, ranging from the manly look to the neat appearance. Rather city-dweller? Wear your choice on a perfecto. For a wiser style, go on the racer! Leather is a noble material; we recommend three colors for your jacket: brown, gray or black. For a trendy style, combine your leather with colored chinos or raw jeans. Wear it all with a pair of white sneakers or high top dress shoes.

Which style to favor?

The look you choose must adapt to your body type

  1. The aviator Jacket
  2. The perfect
  3. The racer
  4. Le teddy
  5. The bomber Jacket
  6. Superhero Leather Jacket

A changing cut for a different look! For a “preppy” style, combine your leather with a pastel or dark shirt , and printed chinos that will add volume to your outfit. Do not hesitate to play with the materials, by matching your leather jacket with a denim shirt, reinforcing the manly side of your outfit.

A leather jacket aged to perfection, for a vintage look. Associated with a chinos and a shirt, your style will be emulated

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