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Mr-Styles Classic Bomber Jacket 2022: Test & Reviews

I’m not going to buy my own clothes. I like to go through my wallet seven times before pulling out my credit card. Some would say I’m a nipper, I like to think I’m a reasonable shopper. What I fit into my wardrobe, I wear until the clothes die. Except for one detail: leather jackets. They really suffer from many frustrations at home! Many times, I found myself trying on a jacket thinking it was “just right”. And then no. Every time it’s the same thing, I go crazy over the tanned skin, the perfect fit, the great price, and a few weeks later I’m heartbroken.

Here’s the proof: My ultimate idea would be to revive one of these jackets, make it live longer, so that it’s as much mine as I am his. However, I have never skated until now. Today, I’m testing a jacket that reeks of the 70s. This lambskin comes from Atelier Bertrand, a French brand that Tommy has already told you about. So, is this leather, fantasy or reality?

Technical sheet

  • Colours: “cigar” brown (also available in camel velvet )
  • Material: fine lambskin from United State
  • Collar: shirt
  • Cut: short
  • Exterior pockets: 4
  • Inside pockets: 2
  • Ribbing: no
  • Lining: acetate
  • Manufacturing: USA

How to choose a leather jacket?

If you’ve already seen the movie “Mesrine Public Enemy No. 1” with Vincent Cassel, you already see where I’m coming from. The cigar brown leather, the press studs, the cut: everything about this jacket makes us want to wear shark collar shirts and sunglasses. In detail, this jacket gets it right while keeping it simple.

There are four pockets on the front, two on the side and two attached with snap closures. Inside, the jacket has two pockets, a true luxury found in very few coats. Wallet on the left and phone on the right, it’s a treat. The zip is classic, which doesn’t weigh down the design of the biker jacket. Also, it looks very solid.

On the shape, the cut is adjusted, which, in my opinion, is obvious on this type of jacket. The shirt collar has held up well and it’s nice to see a return after years of ribbed collars. The sides of the jacket also have false tights. Aesthetics in short not too bad! Finally, the cuffs are closed with non-adjustable snaps. It is beautiful and well made and again it adds a bit of vintage to this jacket.

Design of Jackets

This leather jacket from Mr-Styles is made in United State. The brand elevates leather to the level of a luxury product and therefore surrounds itself with the best workshops to care for it. Workshops that work for prominent brands such as Burberry, Moncler or RRL. Each jacket is made to order and the leather passes through the hands of several artisans before landing on our shoulders. A true craftsmanship, and a high quality finish!

But a leather jacket, assembled as it may be, would be of no interest if the raw material itself were not extraordinary. Even on this level Mr-Styles seems to be above reproach. The leather – lamb here – is “dipped,” meaning the color is produced by submerging the skin rather than on the surface. This treatment is reserved for the most beautiful leathers but it does not protect them, beware of scratches! The “dipped” lamb has the particularity of having an incomparable suppleness and silky touch, because it breathes! This leather comes from mature lambs, mainly from United States, a reference in the field. It is indeed the most prestigious breed of lamb for its leather. Finally, I almost forgot: the jacket is lined in acetate, which is great for breathability. There, it is said.

Fitting of Jackets

This is where it all happens. A leather jacket, if it doesn’t fit on the first try, it’s over. It’s like a wizard’s wand: the jacket chooses its man. We do not feel good in a jacket that is not made for us. It tightens us or on the contrary, with each exit, it becomes a loose and unbearable weight. The advantage here is that the brand offers suit sizes to choose your jacket.

This leaves many more possibilities than between S, M, L, etc. I chose a size 48, my usual size in tailoring. For information, I measure 180 cm for 75 kg. Well, it’s a masterstroke! This jacket fits me perfectly. Be careful, it is made for fall or spring. No question of stacking several layers underneath. However, it does just as much its little effect with a thin sweater as a large turtleneck sweater!

Our Stylist’s Opinion

For this test, I wanted to dress Hugo as he likes it: as if he was born in another era! So I chose noble materials with this camel cashmere sweater and herringbone wool trousers. And to finish, a very English brogue in grained leather. All that was missing was the Jaguar E-Type!

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