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New Stylish Look Big Mouth Leather Backpack


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New Stylish Look Big Mouth Leather Backpack

Over-engineering happened here. The leather of this backpack is the tightest, strongest, and most resistant cow leather we can buy. None of the top layers of grain was shaved off to get rid of icky scars or natural marks. It’s full-grain leather and was designed with no breakable parts like zippers, velcro, magnets, buttons, or snaps. Any piece of leather on this backpack that gets pushed or pulled on, gets reinforced with hidden polyester strapping or a rivet or both. Leather naturally stretches but those straps don’t. And then we line it with pigskin instead of some shiny world map fabric because the pigskin is tougher than the cowskin.“They fell apart at the seams” isn’t a saying for no reason. Seams are the weakest point on almost any backpack. So our solution for that universal problem was to design this backpack with pieces so big, we don’t have to use more than two or three of them. The fewer the pieces, the fewer the seams. FYI, a backpack made with a lot of little pieces sewn together makes it cheaper to produce because it saves leather in the cutting process, but it makes for a weak backpack. To see what I mean, watch our fun seam explanation video where I show a leather duffle bag made with 85 pieces of leather.
In New Zealand one time, I interviewed an old sailmaker and he said that a sewing machine is a perforation machine because all of those needle holes next to each other tear easily. So, they try to keep the needle holes as far apart from the next one as they can. That’s why we only sew our backpacks with 5 stitches per inch so there is more leather between each needle hole. This leather backpack is designed for you to be the first owner. So break it in good, because a few more generations will be using it. It’s like planting a tree that you may enjoy a little bit, but it’s really for those to enjoy who come after you. And that’s why we over-engineered this leather backpack. It’s just the
the right thing to do.


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