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Rules for Wearing a Leather Jacket to Look Cooler

 Leather jackets originally functioned as flight jackets worn by pilots and military crews in the early 1900s. The popularity of leather jackets began to be seen among civilians, especially when actor Marlon Brando wore a leather jacket in the 1953 film The Wild One. In 1955, James Dean also wore a leather motorcycle jacket, which strengthened the impression of the “Rebel Without a Cause” actor, as a rebel. Then entering the era of the mid-70s, the personnel of the Sex Pistols and Ramones wore leather jackets as their identity when performing. Finally, leather jackets are increasingly popular, and now they have become a fashion item that is closely related to men’s daily lives. Combining a leather jacket with other fashion items is relatively easy. However, you need to know the proper mix and match method, as explained below.

Leather jacket with motifs and patterns

In the past, most leather jackets had plain faces, now some people combine them with embroidery, buttons, motifs, and patterns to produce a new jacket. A “crowded” leather jacket can have a hand-drawn floral print, or a sewn gold military logo or emblem. Such details are generally seen in the sleeves and chest area of ​​the jacket, and especially on the back, resulting in a tattoo silhouette that seems to stick to the body. If this type is your choice, combine a patterned leather jacket with a neutral or plain t-shirt and trousers, so that the jacket looks striking and attracts attention.

Leather motorcycle jacket

Leather motorcycle jackets or called perfecto have an asymmetrical front because the zipper is made sideways to make it easier for motorcyclists to open and close the jacket. In addition, the zipper model on the leather motorcycle jacket is intended to protect the motorcycle rider’s chest by two layers of leather, both from the right and left sides of the jacket. Wearing a leather motorcycle jacket with an all-black top and bottom, whether it’s ripped jeans or a vintage t-shirt, can make you look like a rockstar. Meanwhile, the combination of a leather motorcycle jacket with a plaid shirt made of flannel will create a vibe or style in the 90s era. Complete your look with boots, Chelsea boots, or Derby boots for a modern punk feel. Don’t forget metallic accessories. Sneakers are also suitable to choose from, but choose a simple sneaker with one color, such as white.

Leather jacket with a hoodie

Exercise routines are not always synonymous with windbreaker jackets and jackets that have a soft shell or soft protective layer. We can layer a sporty look with a leather jacket as an outer for a luxurious impression. You can wear a soft cotton hoodie and black track pants that are folded at the ends, and then add a slim-fit leather jacket for street-style comfort. For accessories, you can use a fashionable leather duffle bag. Pair the look with sneakers when you want to work out, or low-cut leather shoes if your goal is to walk around the city.

 Varsity and bomber jacket

Try to consider a preppy style, which is inspired by the style of dress students in England and America in the ’80s. It’s easy. Use a classic varsity jacket or a student-style jacket with leather sleeves to give a different impression. Black and dark blue are the right color combinations so that the jackets that we wear are always minimalist and not excessive. Pair a varsity jacket with slim-fit blue jeans and a knitted top, then snaps the top button down for an Italian men’s sprezzatura style. For the record, the concept of sprezzatura refers to how to dress Italian men who are neat but still comfortable and effortless without being fixated on fashion rules that tend to be rigid. The addition of grungy or wild accessories, gloves that open at the fingertips, and sunglasses will make your dress style less sporty.

 Minimalist leather jacket

Parisians or people who live in the fashion city of Paris have their standards in terms of style, which is simple and beautiful. Referring to the Parisian-style simplicity concept, a wide-collared leather jacket is an option that is usually chosen for activities from day tonight. This collared jacket looks similar to a formal shirt. If you are interested in trying it, look for one that has a lightly textured leather-like sheepskin. The cut must also fit the body. Consider a black and white color palette, with a hint of gray or brown. It’s a good idea to pair the leather jacket with a knitted shirt or button-up shirt. For the bottom, wear slim black jeans or wool pants and Chelsea shoes or leather shoes with laces.

 Leather jacket with shirt and tie

Leather jackets also have a “role” as work clothes. Wear a brown or tan bomber jacket instead of choosing black. Then, avoid jackets that have decorations and padding, let the jacket pieces stick to our shoulders. It’s even better if the leather jacket doesn’t have too many zippers, buttons, or pockets. Likewise, the collar and cuffs, try to keep it minimalist. Add a shirt and tie combination, and leave the jacket unbuttoned.

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