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The Leather Jacket Perfecto, a Long History

Leather Perfecto has been a classic for years. We all already have this piece in our closet: it’s chic and rock at the same time but above all, super comfortable thanks to its zipper. A leather jacket that has stood the test of time… let’s take a look at its history!

The Story of Perfecto

Go back to the beginning of the First World War. The Scott brothers are two Russians who founded their rainwear design company in 1913. After immigrating to the United States, they began making raincoats and then, in the 1920s, specialized in motorcycle jackets. After the war, the motorcycle spread rapidly in the area. The only existing aviator jackets with buttons (used on base by soldiers during the war), turned out not to be the most practical for going on the streets.

In the 1920s, they created a revolutionary jacket thanks to the use of a zipper, which until now was only found on jeans. So the jacket they have created is the first leather jacket equipped with a zipper. It is of better quality than bomber jackets. The jacket maker’s brother would give it the same name as his favorite cigar brand: Perfecto.

Perfecto will agree with bikers thanks to its practicality. However, during World War II, it would go completely unnoticed as the bomber jacket was so popular at the time.

During the post-war period, young soldiers tried to clear their minds and many decided to join motorcycle clubs. Additionally, rock and roll singers and car rodeos were idolized by the youth of the time. Over the years, the perfecto street & steel leather jacket has become part of the everyday wardrobe of the American youth.

Over the years, the popularity of this iconic leather jacket has skyrocketed thanks to the appearances of celebrities such as Elvis Presley or Marlon Brando in movies. They were often associated with motorcycle gangs or social rebels, both in the United States and in other countries around the world.

Today’s Perfecto

Today, the perfecto remains a very popular piece. It’s no longer just for bikers and gangs, but in the 2000s its image softened to become a true fashion piece for many designers. It still retains a “rebellious” aspect for some, but it no longer has any meaning in terms of belonging to a social group.

Today, we can find it in many colors. It’s really into fashion: many influencers wear it with long dresses and with a slightly more rock style with this red perfecto. This piece is quite easy to put together, giving free rein to our imagination to create an outfit that we love thanks to this sturdy piece that is perfect.

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