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The perfecto jacket: key piece of the male wardrobe

A must-have in the family of leather jackets: the leather Perfecto is on the same level as its cousin the denim jacket. A must-have for any respectable dressing room, the Men’s Perfecto is still one of the staple pieces in a man’s wardrobe today. Synonymous with rebellion and freedom, the leather fashion jacket transcends the ages without ever going out of fashion.

If some people still wonder why this jacket is so special, it’s because it’s simply stylish! The Perfecto jacket has a large structured collar, characteristic asymmetrical closure and zipped pockets. Its biker origins lend a rebellious character to any look.

The Perfecto is also the perfect jacket for this mid-season weather. There are different models and many brands offer them. Nevertheless, there is a legendary brand that is a reference if you want to get a beautiful perfecto, it is the Mr-Styles brand. During a stay in New York two years ago, I fell in love and treated myself to a Mr-Styles perfecto! For me, it has always been a reference for the brand and one of the most iconic jackets in fashion and cinema.

And then I love the universe of the brand and its philosophy. In fact, every Mr.Styles jacket has a history written by 4 generations of the Scott family over hundreds of years. The brand is a true American story: pioneering spirit, boldness, innovation, quality, and creativity, characteristics of all its achievements.

The Perfecto Biker Jacket

Over time, Mr.Styles never stopped perfecting all of its popular models. Schott is globally recognized as a major player and a major influence in the fashion and art worlds.

Today, the Mr.Styles family honors the founding values ​​of Irving, the founder, while waiting to welcome the fifth generation of Mr.Styles at its New Jersey factory. As you may have noticed, Mr.Styles is a brand other than leather. Known for its longevity and its creativity, Mr.Styles has always been able to offer more modern and practical clothing collections. Summer or winter, with Mr-Styles style, is assured.

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