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Fashion and Social Media

The Relationship between Fashion and Social Media

Social networks have forever changed the way fashion leather clothing is experienced. People from all countries share their looks through this digital window, and the big brands take advantage of the technological opening to reach all corners of the planet.

The passage of the pandemic also increased the use of social networks as a form of entertainment and communication, which turned digital platforms into a commercial phenomenon that encompasses all kinds of offers. 

They are now an essential resource for leather brands that want to sell their products and maintain direct contact with consumers. But, not all social networks are equally profitable, some have specific niches and internal rules that may or may not be profitable, depending on what article you want to market.

Social networks: a visibility channel for fashion

Surely you have seen a lot of fashion influencers on your social networks, and the reason is because they help firms to sell.

Currently, before choosing a beauty or fashion product, we take as a guide the reviews or opinions of influential people in the digital media. Website ads and TV shows have taken a backseat to marketing and advertising.

Now, companies study the behavior of consumers regarding influencers and decide to associate with them, in order to provide credibility to their article. In general, these celebrities of the 21st century have millions of followers who become potential buyers.

Fashion and its digital presence

Social networks have hundreds of millions of registered users. In Spain, for example, Instagram has more than 12 million accounts and Facebook has more than 20 million.

In addition to this, statistics indicate that Spaniards remain connected to their devices for an average of 3 hours a day for non-work reasons. This gives brands the opportunity to make themselves known massively in a short time.  

It is clear that social networks are the new allies of the fashion industry:

  • They generate trust, since the consumer feels the constant willingness of the company to provide a quality service.
  • The brand can reach its target market. Knowing what your target is will allow you to create specific campaigns that maximize sales and meet the needs of your audience.
  • They offer the consumer the opportunity to interact with their favorite brand, which creates a history of engagement between the fashion house and street style fans.

The best social networks for the fashion industry

Subscriber acceptance varies depending on the social network you are on. Different aspects such as gender, age, preferences, profession or daily time spent on social networks will determine the user’s interaction with the brands. That said, we are going to list the best social networks to sell and consume fashion.


It is without a doubt the social network with the most presence in the world of fashion . The application, owned by Facebook, is the refuge of the most popular celebrities and influencers.

Thanks to its reach, the most recognized brands invest large sums of money so that music or film stars show one of their pieces in stories or in a publication. In addition, they launch innovative advertising campaigns, such as the case of Marc Jacobs, who chose the models for his fall launch, using the hashtag #CastMeMarc.

Mr-Styles, Jimmy Choo, Burberry, Chanel , among many others invite buyers to photograph themselves with their pieces, upload the photo and tag the brand. 

The initial purpose of its creator was to link people from different cultures, but the users themselves gradually gave it a commercial character that did not go unnoticed. This is how updates began to be included, such as direct links, reels and short stories that encourage fashion and beauty.

Tik Tok

TikTok is a video format platform. Its users are mostly adolescents and young people who do not exceed 30 years of age.

Until now, the existence of fashion on this social network is not as marked as on Instagram, however it is used to advertise clothes and accessories in videos of international influencers dedicated to dance or singing.

Business studies indicate that TikTok users like the marketing used by brands and consider it an original and creative way to see fashion. In some cases, companies use this network to attract followers to Instagram, an application in which the public is more mature and less volatile.


It is a visual dashboard that inspires your subscribers . With the images of this network, brands get thousands of interactions daily.

The vast majority of Pinterest users are passionate about fashion and decoration, so the content with the highest searches is of this style. Firms publish new trends and outfit ideas, increasing traffic through their own website.

There is no doubt that social networks have redefined the way of buying and selling products of all kinds.

Personally, I use Instagram and Pinterest more to create my looks. And you? What is your favorite social network?

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