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When Winter Arrives, Opt for Leather!

Since the beginning of time, men have used it to cope with cold and low temperatures. Protecting both homes and bodies in its early days, leather has stood the test of time to become one of the safe bets in our wardrobe today. Chunky wool sweaters, jeans and corduroy pants are just the way to behave.

Leather has it all: it keeps you warm, retains heat and even has a windproof effect to withstand the icy winds of those long winter days. Without forgetting one of its major assets, it is waterproof (if maintained). In this period, a far from negligible asset, which will satisfy everyone? A fine material, leather gives style and character to clothes that are useful and pleasant to wear. Lambskin, suede, aged leather, suede leather, or nubuck for your shoes, there’s something for all tastes and colors.

Leather is also a timeless material. On the retro side of the 70s for some, the leather jacket as a great classic for others, leather is also proving to be a very trendy material and has been for a few years now. Also, the big luxury brands aren’t wrong. They are increasingly offering leather collections. Mr-Styles, James Carrey,  Saint Laurent, Versace, Lennon, Fendi or even the house of Dior, not to mention all of them, regularly present leather looks in parades and especially in various fashion weeks, each one more fashionable than the other. . Headline: leather perfecto, leather dress, leather pants and even the whole leather look. It’s not just about biker style or rock style anymore, you can tackle any style you want, from sleek and sexy outfits to casual looks.

You must have understood that when we talk about leather clothing, we are not just talking about jackets anymore. Street & Steel Leather jackets, bomber jackets, Puffer jackets and leather coats, parkas, trench coats, furs, skirts, shoes, ankle boots, handbags… you will find all the elements of a classic wardrobe. Don’t think that you only get black or brown leather. Many colors are available with the dress in white leather, red leather, gray leather but less common colors like camel, khaki, gold, beige or navy blue. Leather for men or leather for women, summer, winter or mid-season, short or long cuts, leather clothing is available to you all year round and for all occasions.

This trend is also confirmed in the clothing choices of some stars. They are choosing more and more leather to give us a look that is always more beautiful than others. Meghan Markle, Cara Delevingne, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Monica Bellucci to name a few. Again, it shows how much leather has established itself in fashion and textile trends worldwide.

Its popularity grows every year to such an extent that over the years leather has become an example that we try to emulate. Leather has resulted in many imitations such as imitation leather or vegan leather to name just the most popular. However, nothing beats genuine leather and as we say so well: imitated but never equaled. Leather further fulfills its comfort mission, unlike other alternatives, thanks to its stay and breathability aspect, allowing you to wear it without straining. Meanwhile, her outfit leaves no doubt about the elegance of the genuine leather piece.

Hence this material offers a wide range of styles and is compatible with different seasons and other current trends. This end of the year is no exception to this rule and leather is trendier than ever. Over the years, leather has established itself as a fashion staple. From a simple jacket to an overall look, you’re sure to find your leather style to keep you warm this winter.

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