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Which Leather Jacket to Buy 2022

Leather jacket, impossible to miss! Every season, she is there, watching us out of the corner of her eye, beckoning us and we… we love her! But how do we wear it? Do we choose a long leather jacket? Short? And what do we put down? A dress? A basic t-shirt and skinny jeans? Sometimes we get a little lost so follow our guide to stay on top of the leather jacket trend.

Leather jacket, which one to choose?

Every year it’s the same, the leather jacket mens, we see it everywhere! Of course, this is more of a mid-season, fall, and winter outfit because summer is a bit of a waste! What you need to know about the short leather jacket is that it can be worn by everyone from certified fashionistas to fashionistas: there are no specific criteria for wearing it on the back. It’s all about choosing the right one.

What does she look like? It’s simple, the softest leather jacket you can find will do! We forget the tall models, we leave it to the vampires, we even leave the models full of bling, that’s for the rappers! Even if you look to rock, run away from the big Harley Davidson quotes and stuff like that: it’s really awesome. Also, if you want a bit of a whimsical touch, why not do it yourself thanks to our article on Customize Clothes?

The leather jacket you need is therefore sober, a cut with simple lines. In terms of colors, we bet on sure values, black or the very trendy camel, we can also pull towards brown. Your leather jacket should be flexible, and narrow but above all, it should be short!

Important point : a leather jacket is somewhat the same story as jeans , it must not look brand new, choose a model that seems to have lived a little…even if it comes straight out from a store!

Which leather jacket for me?

Now that we know what the ideal leather jacket looks like, we look at our morphology so that it fits us like a glove! We want all the leather jackets that will be superb on us but which one to choose according to our square shoulders, our wide hips or our small belly. Answer.

When you are a Short

Your leather jacket should be short. A slightly long jacket risks breaking your silhouette and packing it down. For the tiniest among you, we put on the short and narrow leather jacket. Do you have some curves? We draw the eye to the waist by opting for a fitted leather jacket.

When you are a Tall

If you’re tall, chances are you have long limbs, so you can afford slightly flared sleeves. You can bet on the biker leather jacket which will look very chic on you!

When you are a Round

Yes, ladies, even if you dress in the round fashion section, you can also afford the leather jacket! Head straight for the cuts…straight! Yes, the leather jacket is worn close to the body so we dare to be in. Contrary to what you think, the straight cut will enhance you much more than a flared model. The most daring among you will open the top of their leather jacket to reveal a generous chest, an undisputed sign of your femininity!

What to wear with a leather jacket?

The leather jacket is meant to be warlike, even masculine… but we’re still girls so we really want to soften it with gypsy dresses and wide pants. You can also wear it in casual mode with jeans, ankle boots, a white cotton t-shirt, XXL handbag, a pair of Ray Ban Aviators, and…a blow-dry to die for! It’s classy while remaining supernatural!

For a little outing with your girlfriend or downright an evening with Chéri, nothing prevents you from wearing your little leather jacket with a pretty bucolic dress or black bustier. In terms of length, the limit not to be exceeded is the knee…that’s it: you’re ready! The leather jacket is for tomorrow?

The leather jacket… we love it!

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