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Which Leather Jacket to Choose for 2022

2021 is going. This year fashion designers have introduced many trends. Like oversized bomber jacket, casual fashion (most popular). Now sit down and design together to start the new trends of 2022. This article shows some leather jacket trends.

Not all men have a leather jacket in their wardrobe. It is indeed a slightly different piece in the men’s wardrobe. But definitely try it at least once. This basic will show off your personality and bring a unique touch to your outfit. However, more than any other clothing, it should be well chosen. Its cost represents quite a substantial investment, it is better not to make a mistake. Bikers, perfectos or aviators, leather jackets are available in various models. Here are some tips for choosing the right men’s leather jacket.

Choosing the right men’s leather jacket to wear for a long time

Choosing the right leather jacket is not done lightly. If you want to invest in a quality piece, this purchase requires a large budget. You will be hard pressed to find one for less than €300. This is on condition that it will follow you for years without losing its cache. Of course, it’s always possible to find it used at thrift stores, but it happens that some kits are a little dated and too wide. Because fashion is changing and in recent years the leather jacket has been worn very close to the body.

Choose your leather jacket for a unique style

Quality is not the only thing to consider when buying a leather jacket. It, more than any other outfit, should suit your shape. Unless you’re a fan of bulky leather clothing, choose a jacket that has a snug but not tight fit. Leather is a rigid material that does not follow the movement. Try it and move on. You should be comfortable in your own skin.

1.     The black Perfecto, the iconic leather jacket

First a biker jacket, the mythical Perfecto is recognizable among a thousand with its asymmetrical zip fastening. Its numerous pockets, its specific crossed collar, its zipped sleeves at the wrists, and its very special seams are its signature.

Associated with James Dean, Malon Brandon or rock idols, such as Elvis Presley, it is not the easiest model of leather jacket to wear. Admittedly, its rebellious image sticks less to its skin and the leather men’s perfecto is one of the emblematic pieces of men’s fashion, but all the same. However, it is not so much its cultural anchoring that poses a problem, as the clothing association that it implies.

The men’s leather perfecto, always black, with its fitted cut, is worn with trousers, which also fit. Therefore associations are limited. Nevertheless, they exist. Take the opportunity to wear your perfect men’s jacket as a pair with your favorite little hero. The Perfecto is also available in children’s sizes to the delight of fans of this model.

As for you altruism, forget it. There are also better models that can adapt to most looks and outfits.

2.     The racer, the stylish biker leather

The racer is also a leather biker jacket. But unlike the Perfecto, it is offered with a mao or funnel neck, buttoned. Its zipper is straight and it offers two pockets on the chest.

This type of jacket remains the most widespread today. Thick and robust, it is THE jacket for motorcyclists, the one which, through its resistance and solidity, will protect it in the event of a fall. Less marked than its direct competitor the Perfecto, the racer is easier to wear, even if it remains fairly fitted.

The casual style suits him perfectly. Jeans and sneakers, or classic derby-type shoes make it wiser. Open on a nice white shirt or a V-neck sweater, it can even be very classy.

If you practice motorcycling, leather jackets for motorcyclists are equipped with protective shells on the elbows, and shoulders and can incorporate a back protector, removable or not. These motorcycle leathers can be discreet with tone-on-tone emblems or more marked with clearly visible acronyms.

3.     The aviator jacket or the pilot’s trendy leather

The B3 leather jacket (flight jacket) can be recognized by its looser and slightly puffy shape, its wide shirt collar with or without fur, and its two large pockets on the front. This beautiful aviator leather jacket also has ribbed edges at the bottom and at the cuffs.

US Air Force pilot jacket, there are actually several models of bomber jackets registered under the code names A1 and A2. Their main difference lies in their closing system. It can have classic buttons on the A1 model, and zip and press studs for the A2 model. Often sober, some models feature badges recalling its military past.

And the total leather look?

Well, we’re not going to lie to you, we’re not really fans. For us, the men’s leather jacket is worn with jeans or chinos, even black, in order to avoid the rock side of the 60s. But if you are crazy about leather, nothing prevents you from wearing leather pants with your beautiful jacket or with a quality men’s leather coat. For those who know how to handle this virile material, the whole can be interesting.

If you have decided to wear a men’s leather jacket and you do not (yet) have the means to afford real leather, buy a good quality faux leather men’s jacket. Some models are particularly beautiful. You will treat yourself to a designer men’s leather jacket later.

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