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Which mens leather jacket to choose for mid-season

Which men’s leather jacket to choose for mid-season?

We are all very happy when the winter and the extreme cold begin to fade away, and the sun warms us more and more, but when it comes to wardrobes and leather jackets we are always a little lost.

Indeed, when mid-season arrives, you never really know what to put on because the weather is quite unpredictable. This period appears between the strong seasons, so in autumn and spring, and the weather varies between heat, freshness, rain and good weather, which is not very practical to choose your jacket or jacket in the morning.

We would like to be able to go out in the morning with a Mens jacket that protects us from the coolness of the morning, but without being too hot in the afternoon when the sun starts to heat up. And when mid-season arrives, we all tend to bring out our favorite denim jacket, yet we quickly realize that this is not the most suitable jacket. So how to do, which jacket to choose to go outside with differences of 10 to 15 degrees in the same day?

Here is our little special guide for men to meet the challenges of the mid-season and have a great look!

Materials to wear during mid-season

Leather and suede are two very pleasant materials that are easy to wear in mid-season. These are living materials that come from different parts of animal skin and have not undergone the same treatment.

Leather is a material that everyone loves to wear in a jacket for several reasons. It is a natural product obtained by what is called tanning which consists in transforming the dermis of animal skin into a rot-resistant material. Leather is therefore a natural insulator, which protects against cold and wind. In addition, the look of leather gives a lot of look and style to any outfit.

Another very pleasant material to wear in mid-season is suede. Not everyone knows it, but suede is in fact leather that has undergone treatment on the upturned part, that is to say on the flesh side. It is also often called suede or turned leather. Its velvet aspect has a very elegant and relaxed look at the same time, which allows it to be worn with all kinds of looks, whether over elegant outfits or more sportswear.

These two materials change from jeans and keep warmer, they are therefore more suitable for mid-season jackets and jackets for men.

The different types of jackets and mid-season jackets for men

All men tend to bring out their favorite denim jacket when the sun shines in the spring. Even if we love it, the denim jacket is neither very original nor very elegant. This is why this year, we suggest you turn to a jacket, to change from your eternal denim jacket.

But what exactly is a jacket? It differs from the jacket by its short and fitted cut, which protects the upper body from the cold, without keeping it too hot. So that’s exactly what we need for the mid-season. The jacket is a casual style piece, perfect for sporty chic outfits. There are several types of men’s jackets with different styles, such as the perfecto, the bomber jacket, the aviator jacket, or the suede jacket.

The men’s biker jacket

The perfecto is an iconic and timeless jacket, it is known and loved by all men, and we never tire of it. This legendary jacket was created in 1928 by Mr-Styles , who is THE benchmark brand in leather. Known for its rock’n roll cut and large zipped collar, the perfecto is today the biker jacket par excellence. Popularized in the 1950s by film actors, this men’s jacket remains timeless and still has an important place in men’s wardrobes.

There are now several versions of this model to satisfy all tastes and all body types. You can therefore choose it more or less curved, with or without studs, with zips at the bottom of the sleeves, etc … Similarly, in order to change from the classic black biker jacket for men, many brands have derived it in many different colors. . And if we love this leather model, we can also opt for the suede biker jacket, which is a very elegant men’s model.

Men’s bomber jacket

From models created for American aviation, the bomber jacket is perfect for mid-season. It is inspired by the A-1 and A-2 models worn by pilots in the 1930s to protect themselves from the cold and bad weather. It was therefore designed with a sheepskin collar, and tightening at the sleeves to keep out the cold. The B3 jacket was then popularized beyond its functional use and was adopted by the general public to become an iconic model.

The original bomber jacket was made of leather with a sheepskin collar. Today it has been declined in suede, and it is found in many different colors. There is therefore a wide choice to satisfy all styles and desires.

Mid-season colors

When the good weather arrives, we all want to put on pretty colors to change from the dark colors of winter.

Khaki is a timeless color, which always looks great on any look. It reminds a little of the military side of army jackets and jackets, which brings a vintage style. It is also a color that we find a lot in men’s collections.

In spring, beige is also a very easy color to wear. Indeed it is a neutral and timeless color that never goes out of fashion and goes with everything. It is also very chic because it is often associated with elegant pieces such as the men’s trench coat for example.

The camel and whiskey colors are in the same tones as the beige, but they are more assertive colors. They look great on suede pieces and give outfits a modern edge. Finally, navy blue is also a color that we never tire of. It may look dark but it still changes from black and brings elegance to any room.

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