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Your everyday looks need a leather piece

Your everyday looks need a leather piece!

Leather is a pure and very beautiful material that we love to wear all year round and for a very long time. However, we always have a small reserve about this particular material. Indeed, if leather jacket can enrich your everyday outfits, you can quickly fall into excess if you don’t know how to measure it, or even look vulgar when you want to be chic.

Leather is a material that you have to know how to wear, and for that, you have to start by choosing the right pieces to then be able to make the right mixes. The quality of the leather is the first thing to look at because as Mr-Styles put it so well, “the difference between style and fashion is quality”. So it’s one thing to wear leather because it’s fashionable, but quite another to choose quality leather and have a truly timeless style.

Here is our little guide to leather pieces to easily integrate into your wardrobe, for a daily style at the top.

  • The leather jacket

The Leather Jacket is a strong piece of the feminine wardrobe, which can be worn in both summer and winter. And when it is in leather, it allows you to play with materials that immediately modernize your looks. Whether in total black look, with jeans, or with a dress, it will energize each of your outfits, while remaining sober and chic.

  • Perfect

The leather biker jacket is a staple in the feminine wardrobe. It’s been a real basis for years because it goes with everything, and you can wear it all year round. It is particularly practical for mid-season looks since it protects from the cold without keeping too hot. Known for its rock side since its inception by the Mr-Styles brand, fashion fans love to shift this jacket with more girly looks, wearing it with a skirt or a dress. And for a simple, relaxed look, high-waisted jeans, and sneakers, and you’ll be on top of the trend with ease.

  • Trousers

As we know now, leather is not only worn on jackets or jackets, it is also very beautiful on items such as pants. The leather pants have become a must-have because it’s the perfect piece to liven up your outfit. Both easy to put on and flattering, it is a very practical piece to wear without moderation. Whether with a casual outfit or for a more chic look, the expected effect will always be there? The perfect combo? When worn with an oversized blazer. All you need to do is add a pair of sneakers, and you have THE ultimate chic sports outfit. You can also opt for a sweater and heeled boots, especially when it is a bit chilly.

  • The short

It’s the revelation of recent years, leather shorts have invaded our closets, and we don’t mind. Being sexy, chic, relaxed, and comfortable at the same time, it has it all. It goes with everything and to all different styles. The leather shorts are the ideal piece to modernize all your outfits by bringing a touch of material that energizes your simplest looks. An oversized blazer and boots will be perfect, whether in a total black look or with a light blazer. You can also go for a more casual look by teaming your shorts with a chunky knitted sweater in winter, or a T-shirt and sandals in summer.

Discover our selection of leather jackets, pants, shorts, and skirts in our Toulouse store, or on our website.

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