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Everything You Need to Know about Leather Motorcycle Jackets

A motorcycle leather jacket is an essential accessory for any biker. Firstly because it is still the best way between the body and the road today. But also because it is inseparable from the biker look. Mr-Styles offers them at different prices, models, and colors. Return to this legendary and protective outfit.

The history of the motorcycle leather jacket

The first leather jacket is perfect for bikers. The name was taken from the favorite cigar brand of Irving Shott, creator of the first zippered leather model released in 1928. Irvingshott responded to a request from a Harley-Davidson dealer in Long Island, New York, who wanted a stiffer and safer system. Clothing for their biker customers.

Perfecto Model thus became the brand that made the Scott Brothers fortune, after launching a complete collection for motorcycling. With its asymmetrical zipper closure and two overlapping leather sections to keep the wind out, the Perfecto quickly became the standard for bikers and rockers. It is worn with jeans, skirts, leggings, raw or with rhinestones and sequins, black or colored, leather or synthetic material but with protective shells and necessarily in leather if it is used for riding a motorcycle.

The most effective motorcycle jacket

The leather motorcycle jacket provides the best protection for the motorcyclist. It is no coincidence that it equips Moto GP riders, among others. These pilots who are sheathed in leather from the neck to the ankles, passing through the hands. The reason is simple, leather is the most resistant material in the event of a fall, both abrasion and tearing. Buffalo leather is the toughest and offers the advantage of remaining affordable, as buffalo hides are large and therefore manufacturers can carve more raw material from the animal. Another advantage of buffalo: it is naturally aged and gives a vintage touch to the product.

Tips for buying a motorcycle jacket

Cowhide or cowhide is also effective and a bit more flexible. Note that for any type of leather jacket, the minimum thickness must be 0.8 mm, reinforced seams, CE approved and equipped with shells at shoulders, elbows, and waist level (integration of dorsal).

Leather jacket pros and cons; Its thickness and material keep you warm in the summer, so you should at least buy a jacket with a lining, which can be removed to keep you warm when the thermometer rises. There are also models equipped with ventilation or small holes that allow air to pass through. Also remember to choose a leather jacket that is equipped both outside and inside, with storage pockets to place your papers, keys, accessible credit card, etc.

Fans of bright colors can opt for dyed leather in red, green or white, knowing that they get dirtier and require more maintenance, but they have the advantage of being more visible.

Finally, if you buy a leather jacket, don’t forget that it is not the most effective against the rain and that if you ride wet in a heavy downpour, the water can get through. Once back home, it will have to be placed in a dry place to dry it well, and above all, remember to coat it with oil or grease once dry, so that it does not crack or tarnish.

The price of a leather motorcycle jacket

For a leather motorcycle jacket that meets the criteria mentioned above, the budget is between 300 and 600 dollars. 800 dollars for a leather jacket/pant combination. Beware of cheap jackets whose leather quality often provides less than minimal protection in the event of a fall.

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