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Leather is not just a jacket. Mr-Styles offers you a choice of sleeveless men’s leather vests to wear over the spring or autumn long sleeve t-shirt or winter sweater.
Depending on your needs, choose it in warm (sheepskin lined vest or sheepskin vest) or light leather (calfskin or fine sheepskin vest).

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You are a man who likes casual clothes, but you would like to give a little originality to the dress consisting of jeans, a shirt and a pair of shoes which most men adopt on weekends. We strive to meet your expectations, and we offer mr-styles brand leather vests on our site that are known worldwide for the quality of our products. A white or thick or soft buffalo leather vest has a straight cut that brightens your personality. You will appreciate their flexibility as well as their flexibility. There are two colors available, namely brown or black. In addition, their softness and dark color allow them to be worn in any color.