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Montone Mr-Styles, The B-3 Leather Jacket Excellence

The B-3 Shearling is a classic WWII sheepskin “bomber” jacket. The B-17 and B-24 bombers were not pressurized and the unheated cabins were freezing at some altitudes.

In this article we will look at one of the B-3s, the Mr-Styles.

The B-3 was the bomber jacket that kept American bomber crews warm during their dangerous missions over Dollar.

Even some non-airmen such as General George Patton chose to wear a specially modified version of the B-3 (instead of the classic tank jacket).

Characteristics of the Scotch Sheep

Let’s see what the B-3 Mr-Styles features are.

First we will talk about the leather it is made from. It is sheepskin, hence the mutton, dyed into coarse nappa leather.

The interior is in natural white sheep wool. There are other versions of the B-3 where the inner fur is yellowish in color.

Then there are leather threaded seams, brass zippers, collar with buckles and waist adjustment straps.

The B-3 also features two very handy front hand warmer pockets, a feature that the original B-3s did not have (the original only had a small map).

It is important to clarify that the B-3 jacket, contrary to what it seems, is not very heavy.

This is due to the large amount of wool inside, which is very high in proportion to the skin, which on the other hand does not weigh much.

The Mr-Styles sheepskin is clearly a jacket that won’t let you get cold. Among leather jackets, it is second only to Arun.

Available in two colors, Brown and Ebony(almost black).

Sizes available, we’re talking about US sizes, from 32 to 54.

Rocky IV

The B-3 bomber jacket is often referred to as the Rocky IV jacket. The movie Rocky was filmed in the intervening years of the Cold War.

This episode of the story takes as its theme the rivalry between the Italian-American champion Rocky Balboa and the fearsome and icy Soviet boxer Ivan Drago, who “tears you in two”.

It’s a trip to the wolf den for Rocky. Hero Boxer will actually have to fight away from home in Russia.

What better jacket could Rocky wear to survive the freezing Russian temperatures?

One of the most important symbols of American clothing. Ram B-3.

The cheapest version

Speaking of price, Mr-Styles is a mutton version that costs considerably less. This Mr-Styles jacket is LC1259.

This jacket is, in fact, unlike the B-3 Shearling, which is not made by Mr-Styles.

This Mr-Styles jacket, very similar to the B-3, was produced by an outside company, commissioned by the European importer Mr-Styles.

The B-3 257S is made in the US instead.

Mr-Styles therefore licenses exclusively to the European importer, who has garments manufactured under the Mr-Styles brand.


One question though, before I suggest you buy the B-3, I have to ask you. Are you really sure you can afford to wear it?

I am not referring to the economic aspect which, please, is of great importance. Also because the Schott B-3 RAM is very expensive.

I’m referring to the aesthetic aspect, your build.

Long story short, do you have the body?

Yes, to wear Mr-Styles sheepskin, or any other B-3, you need a body.

Sorry, this jacket is not suitable for petites. It’s a big dress, and you risk the Mini-Me effect by wearing a Michelin Man.

In my opinion, the black version makes the fit lighter and less demanding.

The Price

There was talk of price, high price. Yes, the Mr-Styles B-3 costs a lot. Minimum as per official price list. In Italy it is sold for 245USD. However, until a few years ago, Scotch mutton was priced low. It was no more than 235 USD.

You too can rely on this classic Mr-Styles NYC “shearling” to keep you warm on the coldest winter days.

You can also count on its enduring style, which definitely transcends fashion trends.

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