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New Trendy 2021 Small Leather Backpack For Ladies

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New Trendy 2021 Small Leather Backpack For Ladies

Hi, this is Cross Munson, Dad’s son. I am 11 years old now and always wanted a lightweight leather backpack because Dad’s backpacks were too heavy. So, I asked my Dad if I could design a leather backpack that was lighter than his and he said yes. After a long time and a lot of trying, I got my favorite backpack for me without anybody helping me except my dad a little. And now my mom and sister use my leather backpacks for themselves. Because it’s made of pigskin, it’s really tough and really light and I love my own. I named the two colors of this leather backpack Bacon and Burnt Sausage. Dad said I couldn’t use elastic or velcro-like my favorite canvas backpack had on it, so we figured out a good way to close it that didn’t have any cheap stuff. I think you should get one.


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