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The Leather Perfecto, the Essential of your Wardrobe

For any woman, wearing a leather perfecto is synonymous with an irresistible and trendy look. It is simply a must-have fashion piece for your dressing room.

Have you found your perfect leather jacket? We tell you, choosing this classic dress is not easy. The cut, the size, the color… but once found, one thing is for sure, it will never leave you. Whether going to work or going out, whatever the weather and all the occasions, get ready to turn heads!

Leather Perfecto: Rock ‘n’ Roll Heritage

The history of the leather perfecto goes back more than 90 years before becoming a timeless piece that is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. Initially, it was a leather jacket designed for bikers.

This “biker” jacket was made in 1928. At the request of an American Harley-Davidson supplier, a certain Irving Shut designed a jacket for use on two wheels. What will a technical jacket do to protect against falls, inclement weather and cold? The legendary dress is named after the designer’s favorite cigar brand.

This movement then coincided with the birth of rock ‘n’ roll. With this dynamic side and in this spirit of freedom-seeking, Black jacket then conquered the musicians. Too bad in practice on stage, they want to style it with this black leather jacket. As rock ‘n’ roll stars, including King Elvis, the Rolling Stones or even Johnny Hallyday, put it on their backs, fans of this new sound would appropriate it and make it their iconic uniform.

Today, this small fitted jacket is a piece in its own right and is timeless. It is hard to distinguish it from the rock rock on its skin.

Which Style of Perfecto to Choose?

If “perf” is present on the catwalks of major fashion shows, it is because it is at the forefront of trends. Yes a timeless classic, it is. It has a slim fit and cropped length to match. But to follow the latest trends, creators have been able to adapt them to all sauces. That’s how we’re still so connected to the leather perfecto’s fashion.

The question is which biker jacket style is right for you.

Leather Perfecto has a very distinctive design. To the delight of women, it allows you to highlight all types of morphology (whether you are tall, short, thin or round…).

  • Fits and shortcuts
  • Asymmetrical zip on the front
  • Press stud lapel collar
  • Shoulder pads
  • Closure at the bottom of the long sleeve
  • Pockets with zippers

With its details, you recognize the classic biker-style biker jacket, but these can vary. A leather perfecto can have cutouts, for example to hide certain imperfections or to highlight your most beautiful assets.

There is a plus size women’s leather perfecto to enhance your beautiful feminine curves. The studded leather model adds some more style to the outfit. Just like the printed leather that creates a unique and beautiful pattern for the jacket. A fringe with a women’s leather jacket is recommended to brighten up an outfit.

The leather that makes Perfecto for women.

At the very beginning, we made Perfectos in horse leather, which was a stiffer and less comfortable material. Fortunately, today you have more options depending on your preferences and budget. The most commonly used materials are:

  • Cowhide
  • Lamb leather
  • Sheep leather
  • Buffalo leather
  • pig leather
  • Nubuck
  • Suede
  • Sheepskin
  • suede leather

And today, vegan leather has also been added to the list!

All these materials give different aesthetic aspects to the small iconic jacket. Especially since they help in choosing women’s leather perfect for winter or other seasons. Wearing a shearling perfecto keeps you warm, especially if it has a fur collar. While suede material, it is rather light; This is a great mid-season option.


If the perfecto leather jacket is timeless and essential, it’s because it offers a wide selection of colors.

If you want something classic that’s ultra-versatile, then look no further than a black leather biker jacket. It’s easiest to match with the rest of your wardrobe.

But, we shouldn’t overlook the power of color perfectos. Want more fantasy, choose bolder colors like red leather perfecto, pink leather, green leather, electric blue or others – treat yourself!

The Burgundy Perfecto model is a beautiful way to bring out a modern and original style. Bring a refined and well-groomed look with a white leather jacket. Another model in yellow or light brown leather transforms the soft look into something more polished.

Adopt Perfecto for a rock look… or romance

It is an essential piece of clothing to create a variety of outfit styles to the delight of all fashionistas.

What to wear perfecto to see the rock?

The possibilities are many:

  • There is nothing more irresistible than a leather biker jacket worn with a dress . Your little black dress fits perfectly into a rock look. As long as it’s short to mid-thigh.
  • On the other hand, you can combine the jacket with pants . Do as you want, if it’s jeans, it will be a little more conservative rock look. With a destroy model, you add an urban side to your rock look. Of course, slim leather pants are always an on-trend choice.
  • For the top, a T-shirt is an essential basic for a casual rock look. Otherwise, small feminine tops like the lace bodysuit or the silk camisole are perfect for a rock chic look.
  • The shoes to wear with your perfecto are boots or sneakers . It is possible to make the style better by bringing femininity to the whole outfit with pumps or a pair of thigh-high boots.

What to wear with a leather perfecto for a romantic look?

Romanticize your best jacket by pairing it with ultra-feminine pieces:

  • With a long patterned dress. Choose it with a floral print and you’ll have an exceptionally romantic look.
  • With a white lace dress. It will bring out the romantic and feminine side of your outfit.
  • With a romantic skirt. Prefer models with modern patterns.

We hope this article has helped you learn more about leather perfecto and how to choose your women’s leather jacket. This must-have piece is right in your dressing room!

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