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Varsity Jacket Vs Harley Davidson Leather Jacket

Varsity Jacket Vs Harley Davidson Leather Jacket

People who are jacket lovers would probably know about Varsity jackets and Harley Davidson leather jackets. These are the terms we hear interchangeably every now and then. In case you are confused about these two, and you are looking for something to match your style, you need to know the difference between a varsity jacket and a Harley Davidson Leather jacket

If we talk about the basic difference, it can be the different colored sleeves of the varsity jacket. Varsity, also known as letterman have striped cuffs, collars, and waistband and button closure of different color. On the other hand, the Harley Davidson Victory Lane Motorcycle Jacket comes in monochrome. Most of the time they are black or brown because these are the neutral colors that everyone loves. These colors show the true essence of an ultimate classic fashion jacket. This was a visual and main difference that you can see just by looking at them.

If we talk about the relationship between these two, we will get a deep history attached to them. There are some Harley Davidson Men’s Dauntless Convertible Black Leather Jacket that resembles the style of a varsity jacket. Also, the person wearing a letterman will be showing their level because it distinguishes the different members of a team or high school. Many symbols and large letters are sewed in different positions to show the level. The leather jackets by Harley Davidson have different styles and categories because they don’t model one particular style. It’s tough to compare both as one of them describes a wide range of styles, categories, and designs. 

Main Differences Between Harley Davidson Leather Jacket and Varsity Jacket

If you look at both of them side by side, you’ll notice that the ones by Harley Davidson are simple, plain, solid color, lightweight, and easy to go. A small collar and short cuffs make the look of this jacket very subtle and soft. We can call it a very decent and classic choice of clothing because it’s slim and humble. On the other hand, a letterman is not meant to be humble because it is something that will show the importance of the person wearing it. The different numbers and stripes show the level of the person.

List of Differences

Color of Sleeves

Most of the time the torso of a varsity jacket for sale would be solid-colored that will define the official color of their team or high school. The sleeves will not be the same as the torso, it will be an alternative color, mostly it is white or black, or any other contrasting color that goes with it. Taking an example, we can say that a dark blue torso will go with white sleeves and yellow torso will look good with black. On the other hand, the sean john varsity jacket will have a plain solid color all over. It can be any color but mostly black or brown is preferred. 

Waistbands and cuffs

The Harley Davidson leather jacket has plain cuffs, waistband, and collars, but the navy blue varsity jacket has striped collars and cuffs. They are core colored if Davidson but if varsity comes with sleeve colored stripes all over. Sometimes, Davidson jackets will have styling stripes but it is not the traditional design of a leather jacket. So in case you want to remember if the jacket is varsity or Harley Davidson, a rule of thumb is the strips on waistband and cuffs. 

Button Closure

The ultimate definition of the varsity is that it comes with a button enclosure even though zippers were invented way before people started wearing custom varsity jackets. Historically, they got popularity in the 1950s, and at that time having a button enclosure seemed to be more classic than a zipper. They might not seem too fancy but that is the tradition. At that time the buttons were not the ultimate solution but this trend never changed, still, varsity closes with buttons. On the other hand, a leather jacket will have a zipper for the enclosure. The buttons can totally show if it’s a varsity or production of Harley Davidson Dealer. Button enclosure might not be the most practical option, but varsity still comes with this design. 


A supreme playboy varsity jacket can be cotton or suede but the leather one will obviously be made of leather. We can say that leather is more of a luxury feeling and string material for a jacket that you want to last long. The synthetics on the other hand are lightweight, waterproof, and great insulators so they will be great for harsh weather. Nylon is also used in the making of these jackets some of the time. Without any doubt, we can say that cotton is the material for New York Yankees varsity jacket so it can be helpful for you if you are looking for some differences. 


This is the most interesting part of a jacket. What we love about Harley Davidson Victory Lane Motorcycle Jacket is the brand logo that is sewed sometimes on the right side of the sleeves. That is totally loved by the public and we can safely say that it is one of the reasons why people buy them. However, the varsity has a big letter and that is why they are also called lettermen. These letters will represent the team or organization for which the team is playing for the high school. Varsity has big letters or logos but the men motorcycle leather jackets won’t have a patch big enough to differentiate them. 

Standing Out 

The leather jackets were primarily designed and created for military men and the purpose was never to make them stand out from the crowd. While wearing a varsity actually means that the person who owns it is different from others or he is a member of the team or has some position. So, this way the differences of these jackets based on designs will have this factor too. 

These were the differences between varsity and Harley Davidson leather jackets men. If you have decided which one you want and need one, has a wide variety for you to choose from.    

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