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Women’s Squared Full Grain Leather Backpack



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Women’s Squared Full Grain Leather Backpack

This is the 4th Edition of the Squared Leather Backpack and has been refined over the years to what it is now. You’ll see old pictures with a fat flat handle, but the new one is high and thinner. And it’s still over-engineered. It has no breakable parts like buttons, magnets, or zippers and it’s still reinforced with rivets through and hidden polyester strapping at all stress points. This newest edition of this leather
backpack is made from only two large solid pieces of leather instead of three, which means that there are fewer seams on this backpack to tear apart. And we only sew 5 stitches per inch so there is more leather between the needle holes. All of this we factor into the quality of the bag. The fewer seam feet (A term we made up to talk about the number of seams a backpack has) the fewer perforations the leather backpack will have to tear. If the body were built with 4 pieces instead of 2, then you would end up with almost double the Seam Feet in your leather backpack and therefore double the perforations. I once found one leather duffle bag made of 85 pieces of leather.


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