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How to Choose a Bomber Jacket for Men?

Bomber has gone through the ages without ever becoming obsolete. Although of military descent, he gradually became a staple in the fashion world and a true icon of pop culture. A typical example of this change is the bomber jacket, if a large number of garments emerge from the locker rooms of the armed forces. From the military world to the civilian world. A symbolic piece of some conflicts (Vietnam, Falklands War, etc.), it is also associated with important counterculture movements (skinheads, punks, gangsta rap, etc.). Today, though faithful to its roots, it is available and adapted to the seasons and brands that have taken over the piece. Here’s an overview of the bomber jacket, from its history to the criteria for choosing one, including, of course, the brands that offer it:

1.    The little story of the bomber jacket

Before the bomber jacket became a fashion and pop culture icon, it originated in the military world. Today when we talk about the bomber we refer to what the Air Force calls the “Flight Jacket MA-1″. It was a flight item of clothing that inherited its distinctive look from two popular American aviation jackets: the “A-2“, a gray leather jacket with two flap pockets and a shirt-type collar; , as well as the “B-15”, which consisted primarily of nylon khaki and sheepskin collars that allowed airmen to stay warm at altitude. The “MA-1” will resume the outline of the “B-15” but with significant changes.

The sheepskin collar (which sometimes prevents proper parachute deployment) is replaced with a cotton or wool collar. Thermal insulation is now done with a thin layer of polyester (replaced from wool, which was considered too heavy and not effective enough) and the lining is orange, and airmen are told to Pack your jackets in case of danger at sea. Allow to go out. Alpha Industries (formerly Dobbs Industries) was the official military supplier for this model.

Subsequently, it is the same company that would offer the bomber to the civilian world from 1960 with the “Alpha MA-1” model. Images from Vietnam as well as the Falklands War would be influential in popularizing this jacket, so much so that the model was a huge success when it became available to the general public.

Since then, it has been associated with various popular cultures. At first, it was a symbol of skinhead culture, usually associated with tight jeans and high-top Dr. Martins. Then, the bomber gradually distanced itself from this negative image during the 1980s with the help of designers and cinema. Gradually, the bomber will reveal itself as a fashion icon and will be in the hands of designers respectively. Like Raf Simons, Alexander Wang, Dries Van Noten or Kim Jones. Today, the “MA-1” is undoubtedly a landmark piece in our wardrobes. And if it evolves over time, it is characterized by being particularly loyal to its military heritage.

2.    What are the criteria for choosing a bomber jacket?

There are many different bomber jackets. Some are made of really light materials and are preferred for summer season, while others are made of thick leather. In addition to the material, it will be necessary to pay attention to the kit of our bomber jacket. Because that’s what will really make the difference! In short, here’s an update on the various criteria to consider when choosing a bomber jacket:

A.    Which subjects to choose?

A classic bomber jacket should be nylon and nothing but nylon! “And the liner? You tell me. In NYLON! A light and resistant material, it’s inseparable from the bomber jacket and its military heritage. And traditionally, we recognize this lining by its characteristic orange color. JACKET Padding, meanwhile, in… nylon again, or polyester. Collar and sleeve ribbing, meanwhile, can be designed in wool, cotton or acrylic (yes, less historical rigor on that side).

However, it should be noted that brands have allowed themselves variations in terms of content. Thus we find models entirely in cotton, with a light texture that is more comfortable in summer temperatures. The specialty of all these materials is that they are cheap. Thus, one can find affordable bombers that strictly respect the historical structure of this type of jacket. Finally, there are nubuck bombers that look great, or even wool to comfortably face the winter.

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