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How to recognize the different names of a jacket?

After reading this guide, you’ll never look at jackets the same again; you’ll be all about a teddy, trench coat, parka, or even a down jacket.

Every year, when the temperature drops, wearing a leather jacket, jacket or coat is recommended, even necessary. Of all the names we know, we see the same cut and jacket styles on a daily basis, without realizing that these innocuous garments were primarily made for utilitarian, practical and common sense use. There was a time when the utilitarian aspect was preferred over the visual aspect. At their core is an experience, an epic, a story of old. In fact, current trends are directly inspired by the universe of military, biker, sports and old-fashioned university, let’s analyze together the famous and iconic jackets that have become comfortable and timeless.

The Trench Coat

Originally designed by Charles Mackintosh and Thomas Hancock around the 1820s, this long coat was initially made for men. It needed to be waterproof and of high quality to last over time, with that in mind the two creators made it in rubber.

A few decades later, in 1856, a young fabric merchant from England named Thomas Burberry, was inspired by this cut to release the famous gabardine from Burberry. By replacing the rubber with an innovative waterproof textile for that time, he managed to make the trench lighter, more comfortable, more aesthetic and more efficient. Thomas Burberry has conquered a large affluent audience including businessmen, explorers, adventurers, and army officers.

Democratized during the First and Second World Wars, the trench coat became the coat of the trenches. A piece adapted and optimized for the military industry, used mainly by senior officers, because it remained expensive and distinguished. It was only during the Second World War that its use declined in the military sector to progress in the civilian sector. Hollywood contributed a lot to its restocking by giving it the status of a detective, journalist, gangster or even that of a distinguished woman.

The trench is easily recognizable by its length which goes mainly below the knees, it has an adjustable belt also known as a “martingale”, a cross closure to protect it from bad weather, shoulder pads, back I am more impressed with the flow of a cap. Water, tabs on the wrists and large pockets a real coat that answers the problems of time and currents. Here is an example of a trench coat.

The Bomber Jacket

“Flight jackets” are aviator jackets designed during the heyday of military aviation; these bomber jackets are associated with World War II pilots. They have continued to evolve with the advancement of aircraft technology. In 1927 the US Army produced a leather jacket specifically tailored to the aviation sector, the “A1”. A button-down jacket, with a leather shirt collar, and fitted with woven handles, waist and collar, often called ribbed.

This jacket was improved in 1931 for the USAAF (United States Army Air Forces). Its button closure was replaced with a zip closure, a sheepskin collar was added and thus the legendary A2 leather jacket was born. It is by far the most popular of military jackets, its standardization and its popularity was immediate. Hailed and promoted by Hollywood actors and mini TV series, it quickly became a bestseller in the fashion world. In the 1980s, French brand Chevignon popularized it in France with vintage-style aged leather. In 1988, the US Air Force re-equipped some of its pilots with the new generation A2. But the story doesn’t end here…     

U.S. Air Force The U.S. Air Force is on the rise, modernizing its aircraft and especially its pilots’ uniforms. In the 1943 years pilots wore the famous flight jacket B-10, a true clothing innovation, since leather was no longer used, it was the first cotton aviator jacket (just to be precise). The B-10 approaches a simple, minimalist design, with no front pockets, an alpaca wool interior and a sheepskin collar, in other words, it had to be efficiently warm. In 1944, it was followed by its younger brother, the B-15, an improved jacket that differed in the lighter materials used, a fusion of cotton and nylon.

Since then, many subcultures have shared in its success, in the 1980s, skinheads wore this jacket. In the 1990s, it was hip-hop culture’s turn to grab this iconic jacket. In the 2000s, this legendary jacket, standing the test of time and history, took to the catwalks of fashion shows. Revisited by the greatest fashion designers like Dior, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent. After that, ready-to-wear brands also started marketing it under brands like Schott, Avirex, Redskins, Chevignon, followed by discount franchises like H&M, Zara, Jules, Célio, etc. So we can say that the bomber jacket has been a growing innovation for decades now.

The Parka or Over Jacket

A parka is the perfect coat to face the harshest weather. He is not afraid of cold, nor of rain, nor of snow. Its straight cut and length make it suitable primarily for tall, slim men. A true timeless coat, the parka is multifunctional, thus featuring a coat for its warmth, a trench coat for its water proofness, a long jacket for its length and a down jacket for its lightness and warmth without their disadvantages. The parka is easily recognizable, especially thanks to its length between the hips and thighs and its hood. It opens at the front with a zip hidden by a buttonhole or flap. Its cut is straight, and its collar is usually long, which protects the neck.

The parka design originated in the 1950s, this type of coat is directly inspired by the combat coat used during the Korean War. At that time this coat was in every soldier’s kit. It was intended to be worn over combat clothing and to be waterproof. It is also given the synonym of wind breaker. This battle coat is M-1951, also M-1965 which had a hood and a different style of closure. However, the origin of the word parka is not Western. The word “paraqaq” means warmth and refers to the feeling of warmth guaranteed by these jackets, a term used by the Inuit living in Alaska and Siberia.

The Perfecto or Motorcycle Jacket

Let’s change the story completely with the motorcycle leather jacket. This men’s leather jacket is a legendary item in a man’s wardrobe. A fashion trend in itself, its cut and details are so representative that your look will instantly transform into a chic rebel rocker/biker. Far from wanting to look like a hoodlum from the 80s, no, this type of jacket has been rejected, revisited, remastered for so many years, that it’s a Simple, light, soft perfecto is easy to find. Match with your daily wear style. This jacket is a bestseller among all the designers who dare to be inspired by it.

Shortly before Prohibition in 1913, brothers Jack and Irving Shute, descendants of Russian immigrants, founded a company that specialized in the production of technical clothing intended to combat natural inclement weather such as rain and cold. But it wasn’t until 1928 that the company achieved its greatest success with the production of biker jackets by Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealers. Despite the Perfecto’s sophistication, the specifications given to the Schott brothers were simple, an asymmetric and robust leather jacket that protected the motorcyclist from wind or possible falls.

The Café Race or Biker Jacket

A biker jacket or “cafe racer” is a short leather jacket with a simple and classic design at the same time. Its classicity makes it unique. This is a jacket that wants to be modern and biker at the same time. It has a crew neck collar, which distinguishes it from all other jackets that did not offer this type of collar. This black or brown leather jacket is often equipped with two simple front zip pockets at chest level. Just nothing more ! And that’s what makes it so fascinating.

A cafe racer is a custom motorcycle, mostly single-seater and retro, with low handlebars, stripped of all its fairing to improve top speed. When you see a biker leather jacket, you also understand that it is designed with utmost care, few details, short and straight cut. The Cafe Racer movement is a counterculture of the 1960s, opposed to traditional rock ‘n’ roll by reckless and rebellious young rockers.

Bombardier or Scharling B-3

This article is an excellent and excellent B3 jacket. Why? Because it was primarily worn by US Army bomber machine gunners during World War II, and also because this high-end jacket is made from woolen sheepskin, a very expensive material these days. During the 1930s, bomber pilots used the A-2 and G-1 jacket models, but the Boeing B-17 and Boeing B-24 bombers were not yet pressurized, with the cold at altitude so limiting that pilots could not could reach Their abilities of maximum concentration.

In 1934, Major Hoffman, in charge of American aviation equipment, is very interested in sheepskin suits. After reflection and refinement, he would use them but only in two separate parts: the A-3 pants, and the B-3 jacket. The B-3 Bomber was born, leaving the only jacket capable of keeping pilots warm during their dangerous missions.

Its features are numerous, made in genuine sheepskin, this jacket has no inner lining, but only the thickness of the skin and its fleece. The skin side is in leather, it is located on the outside and it is perfect to withstand the wind or any other bad weather. The fleece side is on the inside, and is guaranteed to store your own thermal heat. The thermal conductivity of wool is the most efficient in the world.

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